FOCRAII 2015 Successfully Convened
Sponsored by World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and China Meteorological Administration (CMA), cosponsored by State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs and WMO East Asian Monsoon Activity Center/BCC, and hosted by the Beijing Climate Center of CMA, The Eleventh Session of the Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring-Assessment-Prediction for Asia (RAII) was successfully convened during 11-13 May 2015 in Beijing, China. During the opening ceremony, Dr. SONG Lianchu, Director-General of Beijing Climate Center (BCC), and Ms. Anahit Hovsepyan, Representative of WMO Secretariat, made address respectively. Dr. Song indicated ......Read More >>
GPC Beijing Global Producing Center for Long-Range Forecasts
EAMAC East Asian Monsoon Activity Center
CEEMA Center for the Monitoring and Assessmentof Extreme Weather and Climate Events in Asia
Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring Assessment and Prediction for Asia
the International Seminar on Climate System and Climate Change
BCCCSM Beijing Climate Center Climate System Model